12 Awesome Dorm Room Light Ideas – ways to light up your dorm room


Dorm Room Wall String Lights

Decorate your wall, bed posts, ceilings or anything else in your dorm room with these awesome dorm room wall string lights!


Fairy String Lights

Want to add that little bit of lighting flare to your room? These fairy string lights can fit in little glass jars, can wrap around your bed posts, line your walls – they can go absolutely anywhere and the moment you turn them on, you change the entire atmosphere. Do it. Seriously. Buy this. You need it.


Hanging Wall Star Lights

Shut off those boring ceiling lights and use these cool dorm hanging wall star lights instead! Nothing changes the atmosphere more than lights like these!


Mini Lantern String Lights

With these mini lantern string lights, your dorm will be transformed into something straight up amazing.


Dorm Room String Lights

Add a little personality to your dull dorm room by hooking up some string lights by your bed, desk or ceiling. The sky is the limit!


Dorm Room Giraffe Lights

Light up your dorm or desk with these awesome little giraffe lights.


Remote Control String Lights

You’re in full control with these awesome remote control string lights. Light up the atmosphere the moment you walk into the room with a click of a button!


String Light Clips

Give your dorm room that extra flare of decoration when you string up these awesome little dorm light clips! Show off your memories in style!


Globe String Lights

Give your room the atmosphere you want with these awesome globe string lights. Make your room lit! … nevermind forget it.


Ocean Wave Dorm Ambiance

Instantly change the atmosphere of your dorm with this amazing ocean wave projector.


Dorm Room Light Clips

Give your dorm room an artsy touch by stringing up some lighted pictures and decorations!

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