8 Things For Your Dorm You Never Knew You Needed

1) Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

Your sock drawer will never been more organized in your entire life than the moment you acquire yourself a honeycomb drawer organizer.


2) George Foreman Grill for Dorms

Guess what – cooking just got 10x easier with this George Foreman Grill for Dorms. Start eating healthy like you promised yourself last semester and get one of these mini George Foreman grills.


3) Cactus Dryer Balls

Never worry about static making your freshly dried clothing electrocute you. Thanks to these cactus dryer balls, your clothing will be cool and fresh the moment you take them out of the dryer!


4) Bunk Buddy Shelf

Give yourself that extra little bit of space next to your bed. With the trusty Bunk Buddy Shelf, your life will drastically improve exponentially. In fact, every waking moment of your life will be a euphoric enigma comparable to the natural high experienced by even the most exhilarating events and activities.


5) USB Charging Station

All of your tablets and mobile devices charged with one simple device! Can life get any better? No. No it can’t.


6) Handheld Sewing Machine

Never worry about hemming those jeans again with this handheld sewing machine! Rips? Tears? They’re no match for your handheld tailoring capabilities.


7) Power Strip of All Power Strips

This is, quite arguably, the only product you’ll ever need. 6 power outlets, USB ports and surge protector.


8) Personal Desk Fan

You’ll be the coolest person in the room with this personal desk fan. Never let the stress of finals heat you up again!

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