12 Cool Dorm Room Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed



1. Easy Breakfast Burrito Maker

Making delicious breakfast burritos has never been so easy and so good! With this easy breakfast burrito maker, your mornings will be statistically better than everyone else’s mornings.


2. Cell Phone Signal Booster

This cell phone booster is an absolute MUST for dorms with crappy cell reception. So you just moved into an awesome dorm room and you’re going through Trick Out My Dorm looking for ideas, only to realize your phone signal sucks. Luckily for you, the Cell Phone Signal Booster is here to pick up your dropped calls so you can call your mom on the weekends without her thinking you hung up on her.


3. Electric Hot Fryer for Dorm Kitchens

Want to be the fancy cook in your dorm? Now you can with this awesome electric hot fryer – you can cook yourself some dorm made meals and make your roommates green with envy.


4. Desk Surge Protector

Nothing is sleeker and more stylish than this desk surge protector with built in USB port charging stations. You will never run out of power or electricity in the convenience of your study space.


5. Flexible Study Desk Lamp

Studying has never been easier than with this flexible study desk lamp. It comes with a bendable arm, input and output output with USB charging port, LCD clock display, variable and light colors.


Need a middle griddle, a toaster oven and a coffee pot? Look no further! With this Three-In-One Breakfast Center, you’ll never be forced to skip breakfast again!



7. Mini Portable Washing Machine

Need to wash your clothing but all of the washing machines are taken? That’s no longer a problem for you now that you can have this mini portable washing machine! Hook this baby up in your dorm room and you’ll have your dorm mates wondering how you have the cleanest clothes on campus while they don’t see you in the laundry room.


8. Ultimate USB Port Charging Strip

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful as this ultimate USB port and charging strip? Probably not. Carpe Diem you rockstar college and take the leap. Get yourself the ultimate USB port and charging strip and have more charging power than you could ever dream of.


9. Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

Have that class at the crack of dawn? The last thing you need is a deafening alarm breaking the peaceful silence in the early morning hours. Now you can wake up perfectly and rejuvenated with this sunrise simulation alarm clock!


10. Small Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s face it – you make messes all the time. Now it’s easy to clean it up with this small convenient handheld vacuum cleaner.


11. Power Outlet Bed Riser

What’s better than a regular bed riser? A bed raiser with built in power outlets. The bar has just been raised – just like your bed.


12. USB Charging Station

All of your tablets and mobile devices charged with one simple device! Can life get any better? No. No it can’t.

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  1. Easy Breakfast Burrito Maker Making delicious breakfast burritos has never been so easy and so good! With this easy breakfast burrito maker, your…

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