Cool Stuff For Your Dorm Room – 10 Awesome Things You Must Have For Your Dorm

Ultimate USB Port And Charging Strip

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful as this ultimate USB port and charging strip? Probably not. Carpe Diem you rockstar college and take the leap. Get yourself the ultimate USB port and charging strip and have more charging power than you could ever dream of.


Ultimate Dorm Cleaning Kit

Did you make a mess? No? Well you’re going to at some point. That’s why you need the Ultimate Dorm Cleaning Kit. Everything you need to clean up any mess you’re for sure bound to make multiple times.


Study and Reading Pillow

Reading and studying will never been as fun and relaxing until you have this study and reading pillow. Perfect for college students who want to relax in their dorm bed and catch up on their studies.


Dorm Room String Lights

Add a little personality to your dull dorm room by hooking up some string lights by your bed, desk or ceiling. The sky is the limit!


Cactus Dryer Balls

Never worry about static making your freshly dried clothing electrocute you. Thanks to these cactus dryer balls, your clothing will be cool and fresh the moment you take them out of the dryer!


Decision Maker Metal Ball

Life is full of tough choices and sometimes you just want to leave them up to fate, chance, and Newtonian resistance. Give this metal ball a spin, ask your question as it spins, and wherever the dark ball bearing lands and boom – that’s your answer.


Hanging Wall Picture Display for Dorms

Give your dorm room a personal touch with this hanging wall picture display. Give your guests something to look at and admire when they see the artsy side of you spill out all over your walls.


Awesome Space Saving Closet Hangers

You thought you used up all of your closet space. You thought WRONG! With these awesome space saving closet hangers, you can hang more stuff in your closet than ever before. Great if you have way too many shirts.


Dorm Room Cube Storage

Have your stuff organized with style! With this dorm room cube storage, you’ll never misplace your things again. That’s 6 whole shelves PLUS the space on top that will provide you more room than you will ever need for all of your things ever!


Bedside Storage for Dorm Room

Need some easily accessible stuff next to your bed? You’re in luck! When you have this bedside storage caddy hooked up, you’ll never have to leave your bed again! Though… you should probably leave your bed at some point.

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